We Serve a Wide Variety of Industries

Electrical Construction

We offer our specialized electrical services for individuals and firms that perform construction work related to design, maintenance, and installation of electrical systems.


Our team of experienced electricians possesses the experience to design and build all kinds of electrical control systems. We specialize in taking your electrical project from utility to the outlet.

Gas Detection

Flame and gas detection tools need to be fool-proof, whether they are used for homes or industries. At PSC, we offer the most efficient and advanced flame and gas detection technologies that are able to work even in the toughest of conditions.


We deliver electrical and instrumentation projects to major operators around the globe.


We offer electrical wiring services to natural gas industries and industries. We also supply, install, and test all conduits and accessories, while providing our tubing services.

Panel Fabrication

PSC manufactures and upgrades electrical control panels for industrial as well as municipal customers. We provide our own electricians for servicing your products, in a streamlined and cost-efficient manner.

Compressor Station

We provide electrical services for compressor stations to transport natural gas from one location to another. We have an experienced team that knows everything about servicing powerful engines which transport natural gas.


PSC has the latest tools and technology to modify your existing programs and upgrade your out-of-date controls. Our solutions are sure to keep you on the route to profitability.

Building Construction

We offer turnkey engineering and electrical services for commercial buildings.

Apart from all these, we also offer other services. Reach out to us for any information or clarification that you may need!